December 25, 2007

New Cards Coming Soon!

We're obviously a bit behind on the intended Fall 2007 release target date, but there are definitely new card designs coming soon.

Eight new card designs are headed to the graphic designer tomorrow to be prepared for the trip to the printer. If there are no more delays, we should have new cards ready to sell by late January or early February.

We've had several requests for a larger selection that includes some non-humorous cards so this next series of cards are lovely photos of yarn and fiber with not a single bad pun or visual gag included (yes, this was quite hard for us but we persevered).

But don't worry, we are hard at work on our usual designs as well and already have several yarn-obsessed humor photos for the next series of greeting cards!

One of the things about having a new business is that the knowledge about how one should approach a particular task is very often gained just after one really needs the information, generally by doing said task the 'less than ideal' way the first time around.

There have been many of these handy learning opportunities provided for our benefit while running Unravelled Inc. this first year and we're hopeful that these instructive lessons will helpt to speed us along in the coming new year!

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